Three tales to start the series:

The theft of millions, not how I wanted to start, but it is Troubling:

Let’s start with the biggest legal scandal of this year: Bill Conour teaches us that it does not pay to get accused of stealing millions of dollars from client’s settlement funds. He has resigned his license to practice.  As quoted in the Indiana Lawyer: “William Conour, until recently, was one of Indiana’s most respected and powerful personal injury attorneys, his name prominent enough to grace a law school atrium. Now he faces a federal charge that could send him to prison for much of the rest of his life.”

See more at Conour Story

When will we see a new name on the atrium at McKinney Law?

ISBA’s Clients’ Assistance Fund – get ready!


Lawyers must pay attention to their clients.

Johnson County IN lawyer Deborah Julian is suspended from the practice for two years due to her repeated failure to do the work she was hired to do, communicate with clients, tell the clients of hearings that were set and cooperate with the DC investigators.  See the opinion at Julian Case


If you neglect a case, do not lie to the client about it.

Porter County IN lawyer Janice Gambill neglected to file a case for a client, then concocted an excuse that was not in accord with the documents in the case. Mistake on her part. Client fired her, got a new lawyer and filed the complaint. Gambill was on probation for a prior finding of at least four instances of neglect of a client.

Somehow she gets a second six month suspension, this time without automatic reinstatement (that is a big deal). The first time she got six months, suspended, served 60 days and 18 months probation. Read her recent case at Gambel Opinion.


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