Thinking about Staying Out of Trouble? Do it Every Day.

Sometimes in addition to looking a proverbial car wrecks, we need to examine our cars. Are the tires safe? Do the blinkers work?

Today we look at our practices from a new perspective. I offer you a couple of short articles that we lawyers might want to consider to help inoculate ourselves from the mistakes that can occur.

A speech transcript from Eric Cooperstein, a member and new president of the Hennepin County (Minneapolis MN) Bar Association, on the road to trouble for lawyers, and a way to change that road’s path — the tie between ethics and the Bar Association.

It seems to be the road less travelled these days, but one you may want to look at, as Indiana’s Annual Bar Meeting is coming up Oct. 16-18 at French Lick.


Cutting corners, finding excuses, bending the rules, padding the time-sheet.  It seems to happen all the time.  When we talk about performance enhancing drugs in athletes, or adjusting the grading curve among educational reformers, we see the impact.  Closer to home, the impact is tougher to see.

Finding the holes in the tax code, or the criminal code, that give a second chance to our clients is the essence of the practice for many lawyers.  Looking for exits from the tenor of ethics found in the Rules of Professional Conduct cannot be our essence as we seek to make daily decisions.

Why do we cheat? is a column by business builder, writer and author Harvey Mackay.  It is worth a moment to use it to reflect in the mirror.  Am I one of the “we” in his question?  Will I be a “we” the rest of today?  Tomorrow? Is it time to check our proverbial tires, and blinkers?

Attend your next local or state bar meeting. Rejoin the community of lawyers.  See you in French Lick.